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What is AVReceiver
The term audio/video receiver (AVR) or Home Theater Receiver is used to distinguish the multi-channel audio/video receiver (home theater receiver) from the simpler stereo receiver, though the primary function of both is amplification.
AV receivers may also be known as digital audio-video receivers or digital media renderers.
In the 2010s, 7.1 receivers became more common and provide for two additional surround channels, left rear surround and right rear surround. The LFE (low-frequency effects/bass) channel, the signal of which is usually sent to an amplified subwoofer unit. 5.1 and 7.1 receivers do not usually provide amplification for this channel. Instead, they provide a line level output. The user then either buys a separate monophonic power amp for their subwoofer or obtains a powered subwoofer cabinet, which contains an integrated power amplifier. 
AV receivers usually provide one or more decoders for sources with more than two channels of audio information. This is most common with movie soundtracks, which use one of a variety of different types of encoding formats.
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